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A tour of the Simson Museum is possible by phone on + 420 603 783 689 or by email: pietule@seznam.cz

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How did it begin?

I have been dedicated to historical motorcycles for more than 25 years. I started like any collector, first Pioneer, Kejvačka, ČZ 150, Stadium, Zetor 25K, Dnieper military and so on. But almost every fan has such a collection. Then one day I found an ad for a Simson Duo wheelchair and I really liked it. Then it was fast enough. In addition to Schwalbe, Habicht, Star ….. When I had in my collection about 5 Simson and some MZ, I began to decide whether I should specialize. After a few months, I decided to pursue this brand from the former DDR. Gradually my collection grew and today is the largest in the Czech Republic. I would like to get some prototypes and racing specials in the future to make the collection complete. If you are passionate about this brand and you have some interesting Simson, which is still missing in this collection, I will be glad if you help me to complete this collection.