Welcome to the website of the largest SIMSON motorcycle and bicycle museum in the Czech Republic. We would like to introduce here the museum of this famous East German brand and show what machines SIMSON produced.

In our museum you will find the legendary Simson S51, Schwalbe, Scooter, as well as other less known types such as Simson AWO, Simson Schikra, Simson Duo wheelchair, Simson Albatros, Simson bikes and other exhibits.

You can also find the Simson MSA 50 SPATZ, the only specimen in the Czech Republic.

You can visit us by prior arrangement on the phone number: +420 603 783 689.

If you like this website, or if you have any ideas to change or improve it, we would appreciate your ideas and comments.

Do you have a Mototechna account at home to buy a new Simson motorcycle? We are going to create an overview of Simson prices in different years and regions. Please send me a scanned invoice and help us create this interesting comparison

The museum would like to expand its DDR collections by:

– other types of Simson motorcycles, racing specials and their accessories

– Simson Suhl weapons, BSW Suhl, Gustloff-Werke Suhl

– period motoring items (Simson posters, oil cans, MINOL petrol stations, metal signs, motortester ……)

– period uniform DDR Grenztruppe, or Vollkspolizei

Please send your offers to email: pietule@seznam.cz

Thanks for any help with expanding your collection.

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